Welcome to West Coast Aesthetics, WESTCA, A contemporary and urban boutique gym in downtown San Jose. At WESTCA we offer cutting edge strength equipment and an elite personal training staff to optimize your workouts. At WESTCA we bring our members a modern style in an approachable atmosphere; a place to work hard with friends, and stay motivated.


WESTCA was started by 3X Olympian and Men's Physique IFBB Professional athlete Tory Woodward in 2016. Tory's mission was to create a gym with quality and specialized equipment, but also to create an atmosphere with his own style and aesthetics that is welcoming to people of various levels of fitness.

"My individual success in the fitness industry came from body building, but success with my fitness career is largely due to my passion and ability to help people from all walks of life. I work with clients with goals ranging from fitness competitions to getting in shape for a wedding or vacation, or just wanting to stay healthy and active. the best part of my job is creating life long relationships with my clients. So at WESTCA it was important for me to create an atmosphere that was appealing and motivating to people of all walks of life."

WESTCA also brings a unique style to fitness . The facilities have been designed with an contemporary and urban decor for a one of kind aesthetic . As the first LiveFit Apparel athlete, a clothing company that mixes fashion and fitness, owner Tory Woodward is proud to offer exclusive LiveFit apparel pieces as well as WESTCA original pieces.